GTKwave is a simple Verilog VCD waveform viewer. It can be used to display waveform dumps created by Icarus Verilog, GHDL, or other HDL simulators supporting the VCD format.

GTKwave exists in two flavours: The 2.x versions maintained by the APT group at the University of Manchester, and the 1.3.x versions maintained by Tony Bybell. While the 2.x versions add a lot of functionality, their status seems to be still experimental. This is why it has been chosen to provide the 1.3.x version for the time being. To learn more about GTKwave, check this:

This page provides a shrink-wrapped distribution as a ready-to-use installer for Mac OS X. To download the GTKwave installer, go to the SourceForge project page:

GTKwave requires Apple's free X11 to be installed. X11 is provided as an optional install on the operating system install CDs. To learn more about X11, check this:


The GNU Public License is the key to free software. To learn more about the goals and licenses of the Free Software Foundation see here:

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